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Your hosts, Jacki Smith and Storm Cestavani use their combined 50 years of experience to peel back all the mystical jargon and get to the practical side to bring magic into your life.  These two live the lessons they teach, dig deep into each subject and touch upon issues others just think about.  

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Jacki Smith is internationally known for her magical candle lines created through Coventry Creations.   Since 1988 she has been studying magical traditions from around the world and interpreting them for use in today’s modern world.   Through her studies of theology, tarot, herbalism, astrology, ancient religions and psychology she has created her own brand of magic called “Coventry Magic”.  Her bestselling book of the same name has become a new staple in every magical practitioners library. 

Even though Keep It Magic radio is a newer passion for Jacki, her first baby is Coventry Creations who recently celebrated over 20 years in business.   Her industry creating products are the staple in hundreds of spiritual stores around the country and customers turn to Coventry candles when they need something that works and works fast.Jacki lives in southeast Michigan with her husband and daughter, where she runs three businesses, teaches classes, consults spiritually, hosts “Keep it Magic Radio,” and runs amok.    Look for Jacki’s new book she co-authroed with her sister and business partner, Patty Shaw;  DIY Akashic Wisdome, Accessing the Library of your Soul.  (Published by Red Wheel Weiser)

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Storm Cestavani is a nationally recognized astrologer and psychic that has been reading professionally for nearly twenty-five years and has amassed great skill with the divinatory arts, such as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Empathy, Astrology, Dreams, Channeling,  Numerology, Past Lives, Automatic Writing, and Tarot.  Storm’s astrological studies are vast including an extensive study of the works of Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas,Richard Idemon, Dane Rudhyar, and Ivy JacobsonGoldstein.  In addition, Storm is currently holds a degree in psychology and is working towards his doctoral degree in Metaphysical and Transpersonal Psychology.


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You asked for it, yelled for it and tuned in to it and we are giving it to you…..   Magical Astrology.

Storm’s unique take on the psychology and messages of the planets combine with Jacki’s magical philosophies combine to create not just 2 shows, but 4 shows in May & June that dive into how your personal astrology can make magic in your life.    These are shows that you will want you your archives and reference again and again!

Tune in the second and fourth Tuesday of every month to fill your magical mind!  Storm Cestavani and Jacki Smith talk about magic from every perspective and help you bring it to every moment of your life.


Your Daily Dose — Astrology Forecast for February 28, 2015

Moon in Cancer, Moon square Venus, Moon oppose Pluto, Moon square Uranus, Moon trine Sun Moon in Cancer

(The Moon continues to move through Cancer throughout the day.

  If you have planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, then this energy will be more significant in your life.   If you do not have a copy of your astrology chart, you can get one for free on my website, which comes with a free tutorial.)

Happy Saturday!  The energy today is going to be very mixed as the Moon makes several aspects – a square to Venus, trine to the Sun, square to Uranus, and an opposition to Pluto.  These planetary combinations are very conflicting and things will become more intense as we go throughout the day.   So, put your hard hat on, you just might need it!

The morning hours should go relatively smoothly as the Moon aspects both Venus and the Sun.  It’s a great time to relax and get yourself together to prepare for the energies later in the day.  Go to a spa, get a message, and do something that you enjoy, because everything will change during the afternoon hours as the storm clouds come over the emotional horizon and things will become rather turbulent.

Expect the unexpected as the Moon squares Uranus and opposes Pluto.  You may feel restless and rather anxious and will be quick to emotionally react to anything that happens around you.   It is best to avoid jumping to conclusions if you can.  Part of the difficulties of Moon square Uranus is that it brings unrest to the surface and we may feel that life is passing us by with never-ending duties and responsibilities and we are enjoying little of it. You may want to make changes in your life and you will notice every area of your life that seems to be distasteful to you at this time.   Further, since the Moon is in opposition to Pluto you may experience emotional conflicts in your relationships.  If you can do so, it would be best to stay away from your partners and loved ones.  Although your feelings are intense at this time, this is not a good time to make any choices or decisions because transits of the Moon are fleeting and clearer skies are on the horizon.

Stay CALM today!

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